Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My demonic head is back! [dhead 5]

More than two years ago I started modelling my first humanoid head that I took seriously and wanted to finish it on my own with my own imagination without any references or intentional influences. Because of lack of time and interest I've abandoned this project a long time ago. However I would like to get back to 3D modelling and this old head of mine seems like a good starting point.

So here it is. I made the proportions more realistic (hopefully) and added details as well shaped many features of this face more nicely. To add a little bit of nostalgia I compiled a set of all the old updates to see how have I progressed so far. I'm planning to create a texture, normal map, add some lighting and maybe even animate it in the end. We'll see.


Minuska said...

the head looks cool as everything I seen you be doing around graphics.. tho the horns or how to call it are placed in weird angle.. you know when you take the idea of them itself.. they should be for some usage.. if it is not just a bad hair day.. and who would be able to use them if they are in a way placed behind the head..

but anyway I am glad to see you returning to these graphics *hugs*

Anonymous said...

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