Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today I bought this game because it really deserves it and I wanted to support it's developers at least a little bit. Even though I've finished it before a few moths it still looks as beautiful and well done to me as back than. In spite of how simple and short this game is it might actually be one of the best games I've ever played. It manages to create something very timeless with it's unique style, gorgeous painted graphics, great musical soundtrack and above all the game-play itself.

While playing it it really hit me how simple it is to play and control the character and at the same time one has to really think about what he's doing. This way there are no difficulties what so ever as far as game controls are concerned and the player can truly focus on the game it self. I know it sounds a little exaggerated for a game that needs only 5 buttons but still not many games are so accessible for anyone. There are many puzzles and the difficulty increases as you progress but each problem no matter how difficult may seem always has quite simple solution once you find the right way to think about it. A few times I had a really hard time trying to get one puzzle piece which you collect it the game and then found out I could've done it in a so much simpler way. If only I though about it a little before doing it. Finally on top of all that you even have a little story and a few paragraphs to read throughout the game which have some nice thoughts and give the experience an even more unique taste.

Even if you don't play computer games I absolutely recommend this one because it's all a game should be. Fun to play. Ease to master yet difficult to complete. Nice visuals and music which all go together very well . It even doesn't need too much time be played.


Minuska said...

how many hours did it take you to finish this one?

btw nice review *claps hands*

Ray() said...

I'm not really sure since I played it time to time for a few minutes but I'd say definitely less than 5 hours even with all the trial and error that comes from not knowing how to solve the puzzle.

I started over again so I'll post how long it took when I'll have finished it.

Ray() said...

btw haven't I conviced you to try playing it once again? (a)

Ray() said...

So today I've gone through the whole game again and because I got it on steam, it show the exact time it took me, which was 3,9 hours.