Sunday, February 8, 2009

blue cups, glasses and dishes all over the place

Sometimes I wonder whether I'd enjoy having a small shop with hand made pottery. I would just sit all day in the garden making dishes and painting them, enjoying the pleasant calmness and people that would come to my shop.....

Nah, that would be just silly, I bet I wouldn't be able to keep doing that longer than a few days in a row. Actually I wouldn't like that at all now that I think about it :-D

Well now that I have that figured out, I'll tty to get back on topic. So now and then I like to paint dished as you might have picked up and if you know me it's very possible that you already have a glass or a cup from me because it's something like an all purpose gift - everyone can use it, I like doing it and it's not very exxnpensive. Anyway I did another one today and realized that I never showed it to anybody except the people I give it to. So to keep my resolution to post something graphic I created every other week I went to the kitchen today and took a few pictures. If you have a minute I'd be pleased if you wrote what you think or told me whether you'd buy anything in my non existing pottery shop ;-).

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