Tuesday, January 1, 2008

an undead blog

Hello everybody, I would like to ask you a tiny favour. If you HAVE BEEN to this blog before and are reading this please leave me a comment so that I know that there is someone who might come back and see what I post. You don't have to write anything sphisticated, just "sadfasg" or any other nonsense that comes to your mind.

The reason I'm writing this is that I'm currently blogging on my advanced digital production website where I'm posting everything that I do while participating in the Mastering Maya : the Advanced Digital Production class over at www.3DBuzz.com. So I want to continue with this blog, post what I do even if it were only photographs or drawings among my school notes. But because of work (two of them actually), school and the class I don't have much time to do this as well.

I want to showcase my work but It's obvious that I'm glad when people look at one site when I tell them about my work and it would be naive to think that they would look at two web sites :D.

So give me a reason not to abandon this blog and make a nonsense comment on this post. ;)

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